SQ2 Features

As unique as your fingerprint



Shells that impress

With so many options for the shells in regard to materials, sizes and finishes, you can really make your kit stand out. SONOR SQ2 features only the finest woods from environmentally friendly sources and hand picks from leading veneer suppliers worldwide. All done by master craftsmen in Germany.

Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM)

SONOR implements a slightly narrow outside shell measurement for optimised head contact. This is a SONOR speciality, resulting in excellent tone, better sustain and controlled decay.

Cross Laminated Tension Free process (CLTF)

SONOR cross-laminates shells for superior stability, sonically enhanced resonance and spectacular tone. The CLTF process is a result of years of research by SONOR craftsmen. All shells are measured and precisely cut to perfection.

45 Degree Bearing Edge

SONOR drums feature a 45 degree bearing edge, designed and introduced by SONOR in 1975, which is an important component of the signature SONOR sound.

SONOR SQ2 Kit Features

SQ2 Shell Material

Choose from Scandinavian Birch, North American Maple, German Beech or Acrylic for your perfect sounding shells. Custom sizing available with a wide assortment of finishes on vintage, medium or heavy shells.


Scandinavian Birch has an aggressive, distinctive tone with tremendous projection. Providing low and high frequency clarity with a smooth balanced mid range.


North American Maple offers a mellow, warm and very balanced full tone providing low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs.


German Beech wood offers a full, warm tone with evenly balanced lows, mids and highs. Tremendous projection, tone and dynamics.


German Acrylic has a full-bodied tone with great presence and powerful dynamics. Accentuated highs and lows are more dominant with reduced mid range frequencies.

Features that matter

SONOR was the first company to introduce and use spectacular vertical veneers on drums which has become a trademark of the company. Vertical veneers are selected, set by hand and matched for your drum in-house by master craftsmen. Each veneer sheet is one of a kind and makes each drum unique like your personal fingerprint. Wood is a naturally growing product, diverse in its pattern so a special SONOR lacquer formula is used to enhance the grains as best as possible. SONOR uses a rotating drying process for perfect surfaces without lacquer drips. All shells are hand sanded and hand buffed – 7 times per shell and then hand lacquered – 5 lacquering steps per shell. This extremely detailed process results in a superior finish on SONOR’s lacquered shells.

The small details

Anything mounted to a SQ2 Drum has to resemble the extremely high aesthetic qualities of this system. Therefore SONOR offers three types of metal finishing – 24k Gold, Chrome and Ruthenium (black plated).

Total Acoustic Resonance

The Total Acoustic Resonance (T.A.R.) mounting system - vibration free mounting results in pure tone and warm sustain. Enhanced by the total acoustic resonance and advanced projection system, your drum enjoys sonic freedom and stays mechanically stable, resulting in beautiful tone and unmatched projection. The patented acoustigate allows you to fine-tune your sonic fingerprint by turning a dial, it has never been easier.

Dual Glide System

The Dual Glide System represents a new snare strainer mechanism and is now incorporated into the SQ2 drum system. The new strainer mechanism features a technically perfected snare wire engage-and-release system, along with great adjustability and a solid look and feel. “Dual Glide System” refers to the precise and smooth action, which in turn eliminates any unwanted sounds when the snare wires are placed in ON or OFF position. Both the strainer and butt sides are equipped with a fast-release snare wire detach function, allowing the drummer to change the resonant head without having to loosen and adjust the snare wires. A fine-tune adjustment knob is employed on both sides.

Advanced Projection System

The SQ2 system also includes hidden features such as the patented Advanced Projection System (APS) which prevents direct contact between the wood veneers and metal housing which supports the powerful SONOR sustain.


All SONOR lugs are equipped with the patented TuneSafe, which prevents the tension rods from loosening. TuneSafe supports maximum tuning stability even under extreme environments. Square-head tension rods with fine-pitch threads guarantee optimum tunability. Keeping you right in tune, 100% of the time.