What are SQ2 Drum Kits?
SONOR SQ² drums are custom instruments, hand made in Germany to your specific wishes with all the possibilities that the SQ² Configurator (www.sq2-drumsystem.com) offers.
 Choose between four different shell materials, 160 different shell sizes, three different fittings choices and more than 260 different finish options. 
Finish options are exotic exterior vertical veneers, exotic interior vertical veneers, satin lacquers, high gloss lacquers, solid lacquers, fade and burst finishes. Wrapped finishes are also available. Each instrument is an exclusive item and one of kind.

What does UPID mean?
UPID stands for Unique Print IDentification. This is your unique custom kit code that can be used to view and edit your drum set on the SONOR SQ² Configurator. Always make a note of your UPID so that you can modify or reference your kit at any time.

Do I have to configure the SQ2 kit online myself?
You can build your dream drum kit yourself using the online SQ2 Configurator or you can visit a SQ2 specialist dealer (see www.sonorsq2uk.com/dealers) who will go through the building process with you. Our specialist dealers are trained to advise and answer all of your drumming queries in relation to SONOR. Alternatively, if you are unable to visit one of our specialist dealers, you can contact the UK SONOR Product Manager at Sutherland Trading who can advise and help you configure your SQ2 kit. (Sutherland Trading are the exclusive distributors of SONOR in the UK) Use the Contact Form.

What is the difference in sound between the core shell materials?
Drum shell material is a very personal choice and it is advised that you speak to a SONOR specialist if you are unsure of the sound you want to achieve. Different playing styles and situations make a great difference to the materials used so it is recommended that you speak professional advisor about your personal preference.

Can I mix shell materials and fittings within my SQ2 set-up?
Yes. If you would like to mix your Maple, Birch and Beech toms together with different finishes and hardware then this is certainly possible. You can even have 3 types of hardware attached to a single shell if you desire! The possibilities are endless.

How much does the pricing of shell veneers and fittings differ?

Wood veneers such as Golden Madrone or Tribal finishes tend to be more expensive compared to a Semi-Gloss Cream White or Black Pearl Plastic Laminate as they are much more sought after or more rare to obtain in the marketplace. The price reflects the availability of the product and how much SONOR pays to have the woods imported. Fittings are available in Chrome, Gold Plated and Black Chrome. Both Gold Plated and Black Chrome cost on average 8% more than Chrome. 

Why is there no set price list for SQ2?
SQ2 kits have so many build options that it is impossible to generate a regular price list. For high-end preconfigured SONOR drum kits, we recommend the Pro-Lite Series instead.

I have received a price for my custom SQ2 kit. How long will this price be valid for and is this the exact price that I will pay through the retailer?
The price quoted at the end of every kit configuration is valid for one month starting from the day it was created. Exchange rates fluctuate and therefore quotes need to be re-calculated after this period. It is highly recommended that you contact one of the listed SQ2 stockists with your UPID number so that they can retrieve your setup and work out the best price for you. The SQ2 specialists are the only dealers who stock SQ2 and are professionally qualified to advise you.

A month has passed since I configured my SQ2 kit. Do I need to configure my kit again from the beginning to get an updated price?
No. Simply enter your UPID number into the SQ2 Configurator and it will automatically update with a new valid UPID and updated price. (Prices only tend to change in regard to exchange rates and material costs.)

Will I need to pay for my SQ2 kit when I place the order or when I receive it?
It is usually required that a 10% deposit is paid when you place the order with the balance outstanding to be paid when the SQ2 kit is collected from the store.

How long will it take to get my SQ2 from the date of order?
Average production time is 12-16 weeks from receipt of your order to delivery. All SQ2 kits are handmade in SONOR’s German Factory.

I already have a SONOR kit but I want to order an additional shell. Can SONOR colour match my existing kit?
Technically this is possible but due to the natural material of wooden shell veneers, the colours and lacquer can darken or change over time depending on where the kit has been used and stored. SONOR will try and colour match where possible but this cannot be 100% guaranteed depending on the existing shell condition that is being matched. It will sometimes be required that an original shell is sent to SONOR for colour matching. For older discontinued kits such as the DELITE or S-CLASSICS, shells can be created to closely match the original finish but they will not come with the original badges or shell fittings.

If I configure a shell pack but afterwards decide that I want to add or subtract an item from the configuration, do I have to re-configure the set?
Once you have configured your SQ2 kit, you can revisit your kit online to make changes by entering your UPID into the SQ2 configurator. Once your kit is on screen, you can edit your setup but any changes will produce another UPID which you will need for ordering.

Is it possible to see a picture of my complete custom kit in my desired finish in order to make an informed purchase?
It is not always possible to produce photographs of every finish in custom kit forms because of the large number of finishes available. The Sonor SQ2 brochure shows a variety of finishes which is available to download via the downloads page. If the finish you require to view is not available on this website or the brochure, we will try and source one for you on request. 

Will a semi-gloss veneer finish protect and seal the shells to avoid warping and deterioration in appearance?
Yes, semi-gloss lacquer protects the shells just as well as a fully polished lacquer. 

Why are high gloss finishes more expensive?
A high-gloss finish on shells has to go through a 2 week lacquering process to achieve a very high quality polish and shine on the shells. It is this 2 week process which is done by hand that makes these shells more expensive.

Why do some shells, such as the exotic wood veneers, have more than one piece covering the shell?
Some of the shell veneers are naturally more difficult to bend and curve than others so in order to prevent the shells from cracking, smaller pieces are gently shaped and stitched to fit around the shell. 

What are the benefits of choosing a shell finished in plastic wrap?
Most of the wraps used on SONOR shells are from Delmar who are the leading suppliers of custom laminate wraps. SONOR use a specially formulated contact adhesive to cover the entire surface of the shell using a machine that gives an incredibly smooth finish. The wrap acts as a protective layer on the veneers and gives a slightly warmer sound than a lacquered shell. 

Do plastic wrap finished shells have the same wrap inserted in the hoop?
Yes. The outside circumference of the hoop would have a matching strip of plastic wrap inserted. The hoops are finished in a clear semi-gloss lacquer to ensure there is no absorption of moisture.It is possible to have the hoops painted black prior to the wrap being inserted, as found on many vintage drum kits, but it is an unlisted option on the SQ2 Configurator. Please speak to an authorised SQ2 dealer about this option. 

Can I have die cast rims on all of my SQ2 shells?
Unfortunately at this time die cast rims are only available on 14” snare drums.

Can I choose what heads to have pre-fitted to my SQ2?
At the moment SQ2 only offer medium white coated or medium clear Remo USA heads through the configurator. There are many aftermarket head options but we recommend speaking to your SQ2 Dealer who may be able to source the heads that you prefer and work them into your kit purchase.

I have seen a SONOR endorser playing a SQ2 kit and I want to configure the same kit. How can I do this?
All SQ2 kits that endorsers play are made using the online SQ2 Configurator. Contact your SQ2 Dealer to obtain the UPID of the artist’s kit you are looking at

I bought an SQ2 kit without hardware. Can I buy a hardware set at a later date to arrive with my SQ2 kit?
When placing an SQ2 order, it is recommended that you purchase a hardware set at the same time if you do not already own a set. The most popular options are the SONOR 400 or 600 Series Hardware sets for the majority of SQ2 orders. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you purchase your hardware set within the first 12 weeks of placing your order.

How will my SQ2 drum kit be packaged and delivered into the UK?
Your SQ2 drum kit will arrive into the UK on a Euro pallet. Each shell is already headed and packed within its own SQ2 box, marked with your UPID reference number. The kit is checked for contents and quality at our distribution centre and then repacked and sent to the SQ2 dealer using a priority pallet courier.

Can I collect my drum kit from the Distribution Centre?
If you wish to collect your SQ2 kit from the Distribution Centre, this can be arranged in advance if agreed with the SQ2 dealer and Sutherland Trading Co Ltd. 

What if I change my mind?
Both the SQ2 Dealer and distributors, Sutherland Trading, will advise you at the time of purchase that once the order is placed and you have paid your non-returnable deposit that the order cannot be cancelled. It is essential that you are 100% happy with the set-up and have agreed your costs and payment terms prior to placing the order.