What is SONOR SQ2?

An Introduction

The SQ2 Drum System represents SONOR’s extensive know-how in drum making and sound design. Building upon more than 138 years of manufacturing experience, this range of custom instruments offers the ultimate in SONOR craftsmanship. It is the flagship within the SONOR dry programme.

As a leading manufacturer of the highest quality drums and percussion instruments, SONOR has always set new standards and opened doors to new levels of perfection. The SONOR signature series, first introduced in the mid 1980s is one example. Later the SONOR Designer series introduced true custom design to the drumming community. Now with SQ2, SONOR again demonstrates its innovative power and uncompromising dedication to quality.

SQ2 is more than a drum series. It is a concept both of making drums and selecting drums. With an almost unlimited variety of shell – size – finish combinations, SQ2 is the most individualised series in SONOR’s history, offering the most unique drums you have ever dreamed of playing.

It allows you to speak with your personal musical voice. It is your signature in sound.

Why SQ2?

SONOR SQ2 is the ultimate dream kit. Custom designed and handbuilt with the features you desire.

Custom Designed By You

Designed by you with the SQ2 Configurator. Making your dream drum kit has never been so easy to do.

Handbuilt in Germany

Master Craftsmen hand pick the veneers and built your SQ2 kit to perfection.

Features That Matter

Anything mounted to an SQ2 kit has to match the extremely high aesthetic qualities of SQ2 systems.

Get Creative

Design your own SQ2 Drum System with SONOR

Open Configurator

Gavin Harrison

SQ2 Endorser / Porcupine Tree / King Crimson

I believe every drummer has an inner voice they’re trying to convey. SONOR SQ2 drums articulate that inner voice and help me express my true ‘drum personality’. SONOR SQ2 drums speak my language.